Monday, February 15, 2010

New and Old Ukes

After a long delay, I'll try to keep up with this blog, since I have ONE follower. Thanks, by the way.

I follow many, many blogs daily and find a lot that is repeated, but still enjoy everyone's opinions and efforts.

I recently sold two ukes--a Gold Tone Banjolele and a Flea--and gave away one of my first acquisitions--an Oscar Schmidt concert--to a friend who had expressed an interest in playing. She's a nun, so I am insisting on her posting Dominique on YouTube when she's ready!

You're age is showing if you remember the Singing Nun.

Anyway, having lightened the uke load I, of course, had to get some more...Our uke group leader, Karl Markl of St. Louis, MO, has been modifying the Gold Tone banjo ukes. He put steel strings on a baritone, tuned it to GCEA and added an arm rest. I like it a little better than the old GT since it sounds more like a banjo, which is the point, anyway.

The other acquisition is a concert Eleuke--unfortunately on back order, since I wanted the mahogany rather than the red or blue. I am fascinated by all of the videos and the range of effects possible from these ukes.

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